My name is Baby Girl, & I’m 13 years old. My beloved person passed away, & before I knew it, I was being taken to a shelter by my owner’s family… what’s a shelter? Why was I being taken from my lifelong home to this place? I was so scared, it was so noisy, I didn’t want to move – & I couldn’t stop shaking. The day after I got there, this lady came to see me. I wanted to go with her but I was just so scared I couldn’t move. She told me she’d come back for me the next morning, & sure enough she did. I was still so scared they had to carry me to her car, but I could tell that she cared about me, & before too long I remembered that I enjoyed car rides & sat up to look out the window. We went to a place that was much calmer than the shelter, & a couple ladies bathed me – I felt so much better afterward! It took me a couple of days to feel totally comfortable in this new place – but the nice lady that picked me up from the shelter was there everyday, spending time with me, loving me… I grew to love her & followed her everywhere. The ladies at this place laughed as the days went on because they said I was “full of it” & getting spunkier & sassier. I not only had 1 nice lady but several that made me feel safe, & became more & more myself. I had to go to the vet a couple of times, because I’m older I guess my caretakers wanted to make sure I was healthy – they were thrilled to learn just how healthy I was! Then one day, a lady I’d met just a day after being rescued from the shelter, returned – & said she was going to be my new mom & that I’d get to live with her for the rest of my time on this earth. Another change is kind of scary, but I hear she’s adopted from SNAP before & my ‘girls’ like her a lot, so I embraced the change & embarked on my last big adventure. Many people or rescue groups probably wouldn’t have taken a chance on an old girl like me, but I have a lot of life & love left in me & I’m so appreciative to Humane Society SNAP for saving me & the compassion they showed me. I was only with them a week & a day – which I hear is pretty remarkable since I’m 13 years old. It sure has been a whirlwind since my original owner passed, but I’m proof that even old dogs like me can be grateful, appreciative & rescued. Thanks SNAP for saving my life!

Happiest of Tails!