Denali – Denali is a 7 year old Shar-pei. She is current on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, on flea/tick and heartworm preventative, has been dewormed and is microchipped and Spayed. She is reliably housebroken.

Denali would prefer to be the only dog, she likes to be the Alpha. She would likely be fine with cats, too.

Special Needs: With opinions from two different vets, it is advised that Denali be on Apoquel for the rest of her life. This helps with her skin irritation and makes her more comfortable. But don’t let that define who she is. Denali would make a great companion.

As her picture hints, life hasn’t been very kind to Denali. But here’s the thing about dogs….they are resilient and forgiving beyond what anyone would reasonably expect. This girl has heart. She’s a fighter and has real grit. Her big brown eyes tell a story. There’s a hint of sadness in there because of what she has endured but mostly, there’s love. Denali loves to be rewarded with a treat….or two….or three….for doing good things or just because she’s a survivor!

Medically speaking, Denali has made tremendous improvements since coming into care. She had a severe skin infection over much of her body due to a flea infestation and an allergy to fleas. With the help of prescription medication, her skin is healing and her hair is filling back in. Upon intake, she was emaciated. She is still underweight, but gaining, and will continue to require a high quality diet. Bloodwork revealed that she was on the verge of anemia and her thyroid levels were slightly below average. The veterinarian expects those levels to come back up without additional medication and she will have follow up bloodwork to ensure her levels are increasing. She had double ear infections and eye infections that are cleared up. She takes all her medication, including her ear medicine, like a champ. The only medication that she needs to remain on after adoption is Apoquel.

Denali is looking for her people….really exceptional people for a really exceptional dog. If you feel Denali is your girl and you can provide her with the life she deserves, please contact for more information or an adoption application..