Meet Carlos! Carlos is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog, born and raised in Texas and now a Michigander! He is neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative and on heartworm and flea & tick preventative. He is crate trained and reliably potty trained.

Carlos does great with feline friends and is fine with other dogs, although he doesn’t really play. He is too serious for that. If you know Cattle Dogs, you know they are traditionally an extremely loyal and devoted breed. That absolutely holds true for Carlos. Carlos took 3 days to attach to his foster mom’s hip and the same timeline will be likely as he transitions to his forever home. He will need someone respectful of this. Shifting homes is even harder for extremely loyal and bonded dogs like Carlos. Additionally, Carlos really prefers women. He would likely tolerate a man in a household but “his” person would likely be a female. Cattle Dogs are also too business-minded to appreciate child’s play. A home without children would be best for Carlos.

In Texas, Carlos enjoyed visiting the marina to explore the boats. Here in Michigan, he likes hanging out by the pool with his foster mom. He will make his way around the pool, always making sure to be by her side. He has dipped his toes in and thought about taking the plunge if she gets too far from the edge, too far for his comfort. He loves Michigan summer evenings, sitting on the deck and snacking on green peppers with his foster mom, his favorite treat.