It’s that time of year again! Between fireworks, radios booming, motorcycles, thunder, and more…there are many loud noises. Cats and dogs have more sensitive hearing than humans. Some dogs and cats are terrified of these noises and go into survival mode. More pets are lost on Independence Day than any other day of the year. Please keep your pets indoors when any of these activities are happening.

Here are some more tips for this upcoming season:

♦When having company over, consider confining your animals to a smaller space {bedroom, bathroom, laundry room}. Wherever they will not be let out by guests or accidentally slip out the door.
♦Make sure your dog has a CURRENT ID tag
♦Keep your dog indoors during fireworks
♦Have current, clear photos of your pet on hand (just in case)
♦Have your animal microchipped. Make sure the microchip is registered and that the information is up to date!