Our adoption process…

Adopting an animal can be such a rewarding experience for you and your family.  When someone requests one of our available animals a very careful process begins. Our goal is to find a ‘furever home’ for each animal.  This home must be able to provide proper housing, love, devotion and commitment to continued veterinary care.  We seek homes that are a suitable fit for the breed and personality of the animal.  For example, we do not approve adoptions of large active dogs to applicants living in apartments, work full time or lead a sedentary lifestyle.  In other words, a ‘common sense’ approach is used to determine where our wonderful pets will be placed.

First, a preliminary adoption application (below) is submitted.

**If you have filled out a preliminary application & have not received a response back from our Foster/Adoption Coordinator within 24 hours, it may mean the form did not go through – Please then email snaprescues@gmail.com to follow up.**

Next, our Adoption Coordinator will email you our Full Adoption Application. Communication will then be made to further the adoption process, cover any questions/concerns and/or to setup a ‘meet and greet’.

Getting to know our possible new pet owners is important to be sure that the adoption will be a success.  This is where issues regarding what is needed for the pet’s well being are discussed.  The foster involved in the care of pet will play a large role in this process. They are able to explain and discuss the behavior and personality of the animal in their care. For example, are they good with small children? What is their behavior with other pets? Are they house trained? Can they travel in vehicles?

A home visit may be required to determine if the new home is suitable for the pet.

The Adoption Contract is the final document needed to complete the process.  This document provides an understanding of what type of care is expected for the life of pet.

How do we acquire our adoptable pets?

Our goal is to provide the best care for each animal entering our program. Whether that animal is surrendered by the owner, received from our county shelter or is an unclaimed stray, the protocol below is followed:

  • All animals entering our program are immediately evaluated and examined by our adoption coordinator and our licensed veterinarian.
  • Animals are altered if age appropriate. Rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccines are administered. Heartworm and or Felv/Fiv testing is done.
  • Any and all found medical conditions are treated prior to being promoted as available for adoption.

Examples include: dental cleaning, heartworm treatment, parvo treatment, grooming, skin conditions etc.

We are limited to the amount of pets entering our program due to the number of foster homes available to safely and properly house those awaiting new homes.

Foster Homes

Foster families are the heart of our rescue/adoption program. An application is required to be an approved foster home. Please consider this opportunity to assist in saving the lives of many wonderful deserving pets. We provide all food, equipment and medical care – you provide love, safety and devotion. It is a difficult task, the bond formed is usually immediate. Our fosters are involved in the adoption process.

Adoption donation fees:
-May vary depending on age & other deciding factors.

Dog or puppy $ 250.00

Cat or kitten $ 75.00

When adopting a Puppy or kitten too young to alter before adoption, the adopter will receive the following refund towards their pet’s spay/neuter when age appropriate:

All must be altered prior to age of 6 months

Puppies $ 85.00

Kittens $ 45.00

It is mandatory in our contract that all are spayed and or neutered within a specific time frame which is made very clear at time of adoption.

Our adoption contract is legal and binding.